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The Salt Creek Solar Project by Ranger Power – a utility-scale solar farm in Lancaster County east of the city of Lincoln – will have a significant positive economic impact for the City Lincoln and Lancaster County as a projected $230 million new investment.

The proposed project is projected to produce a significant increase in household earnings by creating more than 300 jobs and millions of dollars in construction-related spending in Lancaster County. The project also is expected to generate approximately over $20 million in tax revenue to help fund local schools, public safety services like police and fire departments, as well as other Lincoln and Lancaster County services and infrastructure.

A strong partnership with local residents is key, which is why Salt Creek Solar has taken a community-first approach by engaging residents through face-to-face neighborhood outreach, community meetings, and forums. We are working closely with landowners, neighbors, and local residents, regularly meeting with stakeholders to hear their thoughts and answer questions.

A special permit for the project was approved by the City of Lincoln/Lancaster County Planning Commission and the Lincoln City Council in 2019.

Salt Creek Solar will be applying for a Special Permit from the Lincoln/Lancaster County Planning Commission pursuant to the Lancaster County zoning regulations governing the solar energy facilities.



Salt Creek Solar is a private investment and will generate millions of dollars in property tax revenue over the life of the project without straining local services likes schools and at no cost to the City of Lincoln or Lancaster County.

Salt Creek Solar will create over 300 jobs during construction locally and a handful of permanent maintenance jobs after construction.

The solar panels are projected to be located within a boundary of approximately 1,500 acres of primarily fields.

Solar panels are limited in height; a typical panel is mounted about 4 feet off the ground.

Yes, solar energy is one of the lowest impact forms of energy production. Solar panels are low to the ground, do not produce any greenhouse gas emissions, are virtually noiseless, and do not create odors or harmful byproducts. Solar panels will not release any toxic or hazardous substances into the environment and no such substances are used during operation of the project. They also do not deplete natural resources or cause environmental damage through resource extraction and transportation. In addition, solar panels do not use significant amounts of water during operation, keeping this water available for farming and other activities.

The Salt Creek Solar Project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over hundreds of thousands of metric tons annually, which is equivalent to taking nearly 100,000 cars off the road.

Solar projects are a temporary use of the land, and all project infrastructure will be removed at the end of the life of the Salt Creek Solar project. As specified in the land agreements and City of Lincoln solar permit approved in 2019, we are required to restore the land to its pre-existing condition. In addition, the City permit requires Salt Creek Solar to post a financial assurance that will cover the full cost of decommissioning the project, ensuring the underlying property is restored

The panels do not produce a great deal of heat, but like any surface, could be warm to the touch on a hot sunny day. The panels return to ambient temperature at night.

Panels have no moving parts and do not create sound. Inverters make a slight hum but will be placed inside the project area, far from the border, and so would be inaudible to anyone outside the project boundary.

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